Dear reader,

Dear reader, I worked for more than 10 years in senior investment positions for Austrian Banks, both as a fund manager and as their US portfolio manager and always specialized in US small and micro cap companies. My responsibilities during those years included the roles of analyst and investment adviser. One responsibility of critical importance was to provide very substantial direct funding to numerous US companies.

Over the years I have seen many problems that confront small companies. It is an arduous task to attract credible research coverage or sponsorship by reputable brokerage firms which in turn leads to a lack of liquidity in the publicly traded stock. As a result the value of these companies is often not accurately reflected in the stock price.
The negative impact for the company then is huge, as they cannot raise capital on reasonable terms and are naturally adverse to using their stock as currency for acquisitions.

On the other hand many European Institutions and individuals are interested in investing in promising small and micro-cap companies but cannot get reliable information on them. This is why in 2001, I decided to create a company that would service that need, and so I began assembling the EU-IR team.

We choose our portfolio companies very carefully and every company we accept as a client must have a realistic chance to attain a tenfold return for the investor within a three-year period. We do not hype or push stocks but rather work steadily with long-term investors to build a solid and stable following throughout Europe. Then thru this EU-IR created awareness, we help our clients achieve the valuation they deserve.

Every client we accept must have a clear vision and an impressive, yet realistic, business-plan. We do get involved very closely with every company and assist in many aspects, including but not limited to strategic planning, financing and acquisitions. Our involvement is always long-term. We see ourselves as partners of the client and help them execute their vision and plan. We usually only receive modest cash compensation. We do however buy warrants and/or stock in our companies and therefore only make money along with all other shareholders when the company succeeds.

Our strategy is very simple. Pick your client/partners carefully, align your interests closely, and work very hard together. Then, when the market valuation of a company fairly reflects the underlying value, everybody wins.

Thank you for your interest and don’t hesitate to call me with any question you may have, or simply send me an email.


Herbert Strauss, CEO

office: +43 316 296 316
cell: +43 660 77 03 777